How to Survive HallwaysBy Courteney M, John H, and Kayla H !

Class Period: F3

Did you know that some students are suffering trying to get from one class to the other because of what's occuring in the hallways? Some of these unlucky students almost have to push people out of their way, because the other students are just inconsiderate to get out of the way while they are talkin to their friends. In other words these are miserable studentsare just more victims to what crazy things are going on in these dangerous hallways. If you're one of these unlucky students keep reading this guide book you will no longer be a victim of the hallways!!!

First of all the one very important thing to kepp in mind when you're in the hallways is to pay attention! You definitely need to look out for people coming around corners or if people are just standing there in the middle of the walk way. Another major tip, if you're in a hurry don't walk too fast because you might run into someone else walking fast or run into people that are walking slow. Keep in mind that there ate some bullies in the schools, so keep an eye out for them so you don't get your stuff taken, knocked out of your hands, or tossed on the floor. One more important thing to think aboutm in case you fall, just walk it off, not unless it's a serious injury. But if it's just a little fall laugh at yourself and just keep walking to your destination.

We need to keep in mind that these hallways are or can be a little insaine sometimes. So be very careful and stayb away from the walls, pay attention, memorize where your going, and walk fast. Trust me with these helpful hints you'll make it out alive!

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