How to Get Through Gym With An F

by Shania M.

Class Period: F2

Picture this: You come home from school to find your parents with looks that could kill and a paper on the counter. You look to see what the paper is; it's your progress report. Your heart starts racing, thoughts are running through your head, and then you man up and look at your grades. There are five A's, one B, one C, and finally an F. Guess what class this is? Gym...

Now, achieving an F in Gym, takes true talent. If you show up, dress out, and participate, you can avoid this altoghether. But if you're like me and Gym isn't your best friend, then don't dress out. When you do not dress accordingly, depending upon your teacher, they can do many things; such as referrals, parent notifications, and calling home.

Your parents' thought on this will not be the best. Their disappointment will cut like a knife right through you and you will get some sort of punishment. So try your hardest to bring that F up to at least a C for report cards. Be Sure to let them know the reason your grade is what is. The truth is always better and they'll respect your honesty. Tell them you are going to do better by report cards and try to bring it up to a C, but that may not be likely based on how much time is left before report cards get mailed home. And, beginning that Gym or Health/TGFD week, make sure you come prepared for dressing out. If It is a Health/TGFD week put your clothes in your Gym locker for the following week.

In order to bring your grade up to a C, do the following:
1. Bring your freshly washed Gym clothes & shoes every Gym week.
2. Participate and do as told to get your 25 points.
3. Even if Mr.Millard isn't around, still follow directios as if he was right beside you.
4. Although it may not be a Health/TGFD week, make sure your're caught up on all assignments.
WARNING!: If your grade doesn't become a C by report cards, remember your behaivor can have a major effect on your grade. Also, this isn't 'proven' and all teachers aren't the same, so take caution.

Following these simple and easy to follow steps are the basics to bringing success in Gym. As listed above, there are no promises your grade will be a C in time for report cards. But your parents will have a sigh of relief to know that you're trying and working hard. Be sure to keep up the good work or else you will be in the same position the next nine weeks.