How to Survive A Referral In The 8th Grade

By: Mikayla R, Mitchell M, Andrea H.

Class Period: 2

Wouldn't a survival to 8th grade be nice? Well, we have one for you. One of the best ways to easily pass the 8th grade is to avoid getting a referral, and staying out of trouble. Also, get on a good note with your teachers, so the class will ease on by. When you are on a good note with your teachers, they won't expect to see your bad side. Also, if you do a minor thing in class it won't be taken as serious if you were always in trouble. Once you get in trouble with minor things, teachers and administrators will stop with their warnings, and give you more serious punishments. You only get so many chances. School is a place to learn, and not a place to cause trouble.

Sometimes, not getting referrals isn't as easy as it seems for some people. But, you just have to watch your attitude. Avoid getting in fights when it's not necessary. Fighting isn't the way to solve your problems. It won't get you anywhere but a referral, and sitting in the office finding out you have 10 days of suspension. If you do get in trouble you shouldn't get an attitude with administrators because that's what they hate the most, and second because they wouldn't be getting on to you if you didn't do it in the first place. 8th grade teachers can be pretty strict, but all you have to do is do your work in class, and pay attention, and you'll find that it will go a lot smoother. If you don't participate you are left on your own to figure it out, and catch up on your work. Catching up on your work can be very hard, especially in classes you struggle with. Most classes this year will move at a rapid pace, so it's important to pay close attention. Next year it will only get harder.

Catce can be fun, but only if you let it be that way. It's still school, so you shouldn't show out during the day. 8th grade teachers will definitely start taking you seriously, and expecting you to start buckling down, and getting your priorities straight. Catce is a way to experience real life situations, and possible jobs you may have in the future. So, you should take advantage of some of the opportunities given to you this 8th grade year.

I hope you have learned something useful, and that you are going to take the advice presented right in front of you. Hopefully this information will help you in the future, and to have a wonderful 8th grade experience.