How to Survive BFMS Basketball Tryouts

by Tyler B.

Class Period: Eagles 2

Imagine you are in a locker room full of athletes waiting on your coach. You put your shoes and shorts on and you are very nervous. Your coach comes in and he looks like he is mean and intimidating.

The first thing you want to do is impress your coach. Come prepared with basketball attire. In other words, "Dress for Success". You want to always have basketball shoes and shorts. You don't want to come in ripped jeans and torn up shoes.

The next thing you will need to know is to never make the coaches mad. You can make them mad by asking for water or if you talk to much. CAUTION: If you are going to die, I mean literally die, then you have my permission to ask for water. Another thing is to go hard on everything you do. That will separate you from everyone else and make you look good. CAUTION: Don't overdo anything, you WILL look stupid. 

Another thing is love what you are doing even if you hate it. What I mean is try to spice things up a bit in your mind. Think about something else besides the pain you are going through. You will want to stay on task, so if you can't handle thinking about something else, just close your eyes.

The last thing you will need to know is to do your best on everything even if you think it is hard. The best thing to do when you don't know how to do something, is to ask one of the coaches to demonstrate what needs to be done. If you are put on the spot and you don't know how to do something, just do your best. CAUTION: You might look crazy and out of wack but then again you might be looking "unstoppable". 

Once again all you have to do is come prepared, never make the coaches mad, try to impress your coaches, and do your best on everything. Tryouts can be fun and it can be boring. If you do everything I told you, then it will be fun. If you totally ignored me, then it will be boring and you probably won't make the team. If you still don't make the team, then you will have to just work harder in the off season. Warning: I am not responsible for anything you do and I will not take reponsibility. This will not guaranty a spot on this team. Remember do your best and good luck.