How to Survive Drama

by ;; Kaylyn B. &Alexis E.

Class Period: 3

Have you ever experienced drama? Well in 8th grade your really going to experience it. People start it usually start drama because of hate, jealousy, revenge, or too just look cool. Drama usually involves girls more than boys, because girls just like to get suff started anyways. But why do people get involved? People Usually get involved because of boredom, looking cool, or because of not liking that person either.

So this is why we are going to ive you tips on how to avoid drama.
  • Dont talk about people.
^^ doing this will not cause drama to go back and cause more arguments
  • If someone tells you something keep too yourself and dont tell everyone.
  • Avoid talking about other people when they are gonna go back and tell them.
  • Dont say anything at all to start stuff.
  • Its not attractive too talk about someone.
  • Dont talk about someone behind their back.

When you are in the situation when someone is talking about you just jealous and they dont have anything better else to do.
But its a whole different subject when you are talking about someone behind their back.
It's immature too start something that you dont like someone doing too you. Here are somne things that will happen tooo you if you are talking about someone.
  • you will probably get into a fight.
  • Hated by many.
  • not included in groups
  • Talked about
  • picked on/ teased.
  • nasty text massages.
  • threats
  • and many more.
so i highly advise you not too talk about anyone or maybe these things will happen too you!!
& i really dont think that you want these things to happen.Cause to be honest getting picked and teased on isnt the best thing in the world!
This is our guide on how to survive DRAMA.

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