How to Find the Right Writing Utensil

by Lauren M

Class Period: 3F

"My pencil broke again! I hate pencils!" Does that sound like you? Is it hard for you to find a writing instrument that fits your standards? This article you're reading could help! There are tips to help you find your writing utensil.
Do you like to write with a pen, but make too many mistakes? Then again, you don't like pencils? Maybe try a lead pencil! They have a large variety of lead pencils and lead sizes. Some have grippers, just like pens! They have eraseable pens out there-crazy, right?! It's true, there are pens with an eraser.
You have written with pencils all your life and make slim to none mistakes, but are ready to move on. Well, you just might be a pen person! If you are going green, they have pens made out of water bottles! They have a bunch of different pens: colored pens, ballpoint pens, eve marker pens and gel pens! Sometimes with a pen you mess up; on white paper you could just use White-Out. Colored paper is another story! Some people just mark it out; it depends on who you are.
Then, there are the marker people. When markers bleed through the paper you can use a marker pen or maybe a calligraphy pen. You could use a washable marker, but, then again, it all depends on you.
Here are some tips to help you: If you like somebody else's pen/pencil/marker-ask if you can borrow or trade it for the class. You could have a few different writing utensils in your locker to try out during class. You could also ask your friends what their favorite item to write with is. it's all up to who you are to find out what you should write with.
~If your teachers have standards (no pens, blue or black ink only, no markers, etc.) be sure to follow them!