How to Survive Relationships and Breakups

by: Hallie Chappell, Aina Tuck, and Sierra Booth

Class Period: 2nd Eagles

Relationships are a part of life, your going to face problems; bumps in the road, breakups, fights, anything really. Relationships are like roller coasters; they have their ups and downs, good and bad, scary and fun. You just have to believe in yourself, keep your head up, and carry on. Do your best to make it work. William James once said "Whenever your in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude." Follow these steps and you should accomplish a happy healthy relationship.

Breakups can be a hard thing to handle. Especially when you have to go to school everyday and try your best to keep it together. The first thing is you should always have a plan on how to avoid running into your ex in the halls. The second step is clothing. You should always wear comfortable clothing, I know it sounds silly but you will feel better. Try not to look like a total slob though. Haha. If anyone asks what happened just tell them it's a long story. It will really help if you don't have to explain things. Don't pay attention to that person and who they are with. Talk to YOUR friends and avoid the subject of your breakup. Friends can really help you out. Don't think about things, have fun, and do your best.

Have you ever had a fight with your best friend? Well if you have they are no fun. You can get through them by trying to talk to them, apoligizing, and listening to them. You can try talking it out and explain why you did what you did or why you were upset with them. Apoligize by saying sorry. Listen to their side of the story and try to come to an agreement. Be sure to pick friends over boyfriends or girlfriends. Absolutely make sure everything in understood and resolved in the end.

Fights with parents are no fun. If you have ever experienced one,which im sure you have, you no how it feels. When your in a fight with your parents you lose privileges, a car ride to places with friends, and (if you have one) most of the time your phone. When I get in trouble or a fight with my parents I get some things taken away, but I still get upset. If you get in a fight with parents here are three things you need to do. First, think postive. If you think negative it will only get worse, so go say your sorry. Second, You dont cry (try to hold it back). If you cry your parents will think they have accomplished what they wanted. They will think they have "gotten to you". You dont want that because they will feel more powerful over you. Lastly, work it out; talk it out. If you and your parents are always fighting it will only get worse. If you work it out everything should fall into place and make for a better relationship with your parents.

If you have ever had any of these problems, these steps and directions should help you. Break ups, fights with friends, and fights with parents are just a part of life. They are hard but sooner or later it will happen. You have to be able to get through them and be strong.