How to Survive Texting in Class

By: Layla B, Dakota W, Mariah B

Class Period:1 Eagles

Ever have trouble trying to text in class? I know I do. I mean if you ever try textin in class most of the time you get caught right? Well all you got to do is to NOT text at all. Just Kidding. All you got to do is just put your phone on silent, put in your jacket pocket, then pull it out and text. It's that easy.

By putting the phone on silent nobody would hear it. So do you like texting in class? To me, I think that it is very easy to text in class. But it also depends on which kind of phone you have, if you have a touch screen phone you would have to use the keyboard because the touch screen wont pull up the letters. If you have a flip phone, then you can just open it and text.