How to Survive Band Class

by Layla H and Jessica N

Class Period: E2

GROSS! Whats that smell in that room. Great that is my next class and it smells terrible. Have you ever walked into a class and it smells even worst than B.O.? I have it and it is called Band Class. Let me tell you in this guide for eighth grade How to Survive Band Class.
  • Why does it smell so bad? It smells so bad because the trumpets have this key on there instruments that they push and it flings the spit, that is collected, on the floor. Trumpets are not the only instrument that collects in fact all do, but the trumpets are the only ones that get rid of it a nasty way.

  • Every week we have do practice and turn it in. If you don't turn it in than your grade will drop. If i was you than turn it in.

  • You should always do extra activites within band class for example we had the choice to do pep-band, march with high schoolers in the Christmas Parade, ect.

  • You must always be ready to play. Always keep listening to your teacher, so you know when to play. If you do zone out or talk then make sure you know your instuments name or pay attention to the others in your section.

  • Band Class is the only class that you can sleep in and not get in trouble. What you can do is put your head back on seat,put instument on your lap, (keep hands on it at all time) and put feet out infront of you and cross them. Also make sure that you have someone to wake you up.

  • One thing that you must learn to do is talk without moving lips. I know what your thinking how is that possible? You kind of smile with your teeth touching and your lips not moving.

  • You should always suck up to your teachers. Tell them that you like the music even if you really dont like it. Also tell them that you like there clothes.
  • NEVER EVER drop your instruments.

Caution do at your on risk