How to Survive Being the New Kid

by Anthony W. & Ryan C.

Class Period: 3E

  • Get up on time. You can do this by setting an alarm.

  • Find out what bus you ride. Go to the office when you are registering to the school.

  • Learn your new schedule. Study it the night before.

  • Get someone to show you around the school. Just ask a grown-up in the office to get student to show you around.

  • Make new friends. You can do that by making a good impression.

  • Learn locker(s) combination. Write it down so you dont lose it.

  • Get to class on time. Know when to be in class.

  • Learn school rules. Read the Code Of Conduct Book.

Have you ever had to move and was forced to change schools? If so than that means you are a new student.If you are a new student then I am here to help you servive being the new kid. Here are some key things to help you survive being a new kid.

Get up on time. Getting up on time helps you to be ready for the new school day. You could do this by setting an alarm clock. Find out what bus you ride. Findin this out ahead of time could help from asking less questions and help you make a better first impression. Learn your new schedule. Learning your schedule will help you be ready to learn the subject that you are about to go in to. Get someone to show you around the school. Getting someone to show you around is a great way to meet new people and possibly make some new friends aswell. Make some new friends. If u feel left out on your first day then its a good idea to try and make some friends. Making friends helps you to feel less left out and is also a good way for people to start noticing you. Learn your locker(s) combination(s). Taking the time to learn your locker combination(s) could save you a lot of grief in the future. Get to class on time. Getting to class on time is also a good way to make a good first impression with your teacher. It shows her/him that you are a very good, respectable student. Learn the new school rules. Learning the school rules can help you stay out of trouble with administrators and teachers.

Trust me, the stuff I have given you are great things to learn about being a new student and how to fit in very quickly. It will be like you have been there since the beginning of the school year.