How to Survive A bad Grade/ Raising Your Grade0511-0808-1211-1722.jpg

by Destany D & Cory M

Class Period: 1E

Have you ever needed to pull up your grade in a class? For any reason, maybe you wont get to go to your friend's house that Friday, or you want to get your phone back or computer, tv, or other electronic device. Well, here are some basic steps on what to do.
  • First, you need to gather all work and papers possible. Go to all of your failling classes and talk to your teacher to give you another chance at all of your woek that has not been done correctly, or not done at all.
  • Second, you go home and do all of the work you can and study for any and all retakes for tests and quizes. Make sure you study for all of your tests in all of your classes and keep studying for the same tests so you can make sure to get a passing grade, maybe even ace it.
  • When you go to school the next day, turn in all completed assignments and talk to your teacher about staying after school one day.
  • While you are staying after school, you need to ask your teacher for all the help on your assignments and make up tests (You should ask for a small tutor lesson while you're there).
This is a fast and easy way to raise your grade. To keep your grade up, always do your homework and study for all tests and quizes. Also, make sure to do as much extra credit as possible to keep your grade as high as you can. You will easily have time to spend with your friends and have all of your electronic devices back where they belong because you have good, and passing grades.