How to Survive a fight

by (Brandi B, Cody W. S, and Cody B. S)

Class Period: E-3

Have you been picked on? Have you talked to teachers bout this but it still hasn't stopped? Do you want to take matters into your own hands but don't know how to fight? Then this is the guide for you! The first thing to fighting is balence, balence is the key to fighting. Second thing is the if you fall down then cover your face with one arm, then take your other arm and swing up.
The next thing to fighting is speed. even if you cant fit very hard, if your fast you can tire your aponet out with speed. If your fast can dodge there hits. To keep yourself from getting hurt while they are getting tired. Once your aponent is tired enough maybe you could beat them.
The forth step to surviving a fight is to hit hard. And hit very fast, don't let them hit you in the face, thats what hurts the most. Also you should have backup , lots of friends that will help you if you can't win or they just try to jump you.The next thing you should do is get an audience of people around yall and make a big circle, make sure not to let any teachers in. And just give it your all and even if you don't win you will gain some respect from some people for havin the guts to stand up and try.
So if you get in a fight the 1st thing to do is have good balence. 2nd is if you fall cover your face and swing up.3rd be fast. 4th hit hard. 5th have lots of friends just incase they try to jump you or you think you might loose. 6th make a circle group of people around yall and don't let teachers in. 7th run fast. 8th give it your all. WARNING THIS MAY GET YOU IN ALOT OF TROUBLE OR GET YOU HURT!