How to Survive Riding your giraffe in the hallway

by GinnyN & KatanaM

Class Period: eagle3

Have you ever gotten in trouble for rding your giraffe in the

hallway? Well, here are some conclusions. First you need to go to

the zoo and find a giraffe about 5 or 6 feet tall. Try to find one shorter

if possible so you can be super sneaky if a teacher comes out of the

classroom. If this happens turn the corner into the bathroom and take cover.

 You also need to watch out for the cameras. You might need to cut

off some of the giraffes spots to glue over the camera lenses (numbing cream

helps your giraffe). Also, you need to look out for naughty little children. They

might try to steal your giraffes or ever chuck a binder at it.

Make sure you find a giraffe that isnt very noisy. You should also try

to find some slippers that will fit your giraffes hooves. They can be noisy

scratching across the hallway floor.