How to Survive The First Day of 8th Grade! ___ (topic)

by Denham T and Moses L Cameron M

Class Period:1F

Are you nervus when you go back to school? Well don't be! Every ones first day is nerve racking. Getting to meet your teachers and getting to see your friends. Just act cool. Dont' talk to the teachers in less you have to. Just say hi, to your friends dont' start a conversation.

Just act cool. Don't look stupid to show off for every one. when you look stupid, no one wants to talk to you or hang out with you. Plus your teachers will think your a class clown.

Don't talk your to your teachersin less you have to. They awlayes ask you some weid or hard questain to answer. It seems werid to talk to them. When they start talking about your behavior, change the topic. QUICK!! Your teachers do not need to know that. Don't talk to the teachers.

Just stay cool and quit. Don't act stupid or look dumb. If your parents embares you, walk away. Your first day is'nt bad remember that.