How to Survive bfms baseball tryouts

by:Jeffrey T.

Class Period: _1st Franklin

Have you ever been nervous trying out for a sport ? If you have ever tried out for school baseball ,I bet you have. That feeling you get when you hear your name called.

Today you will find out how to survive B.F.M.S baeball tryouts.

The first thing you can do to survive try outs is, be serious. Don't joke around the whole time. If you do you won'tbe able to do your best. If you are serious about it you will be able to reach your full potential.

The second and last thing you can do is, never give up. When yor running, and you get tired, slow down a little bit, but pace yourself and keep running. That shows the coaches you are determined.

In conclusion, to survive baseball tryouts you be serious, and never give up. If you do those things you will make the baseball team.